About JKA Properties

Our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to helping every client get what they want. We care about helping you manage your property, sell your home, or buy the home of your dreams. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, we take the time to get to know YOU, YOUR needs, and more importantly, YOUR plans for the future.

The owner & founder of JKA Properties, Meli Gerogianis, started her real estate career as a real estate investor in 2002-2003. With a couple of years, and a few deals under her belt, Meli decided to step it up a notch and build a small private property management company in Clarksville, TN to manage her own real estate dealings. In October 2005, JKA Properties Solutions was founded.

As Meli continued to learn and grown with her business, she decided to go up yet another step and become a licensed Realtor. Becoming a licensed Realtor gave her the opportunity to better understand real estate, the local market trends, and to help others that wanted to become involved in the industry; whether to purchase a home (Real-Estate-Buying-a-Home-Clarksville-TN.html) for themselves, or to have a business and/or career in property management and realty.

Through the years Meli realized that she was not able to provide ALL of the help and assistance she wanted due to limitations imposed by brokerage franchise policies and fees. She decided it was time for one more step up in her real estate career. Meli earned her Real Estate Broker’s license in 2013, and opened her own Brokerage Office, which we now know as, JKA Properties.

Opening JKA Properties’ doors to the public provided the environment Meli had been long dreaming about. A place for REAL business dealings and negotiating! A place where commissions and fees are REALLY negotiable, and discounts for clients are offered! A place where we all agree to disagree, where we all strive to learn NEW things DAILY! A place where your real estate license is not a “trophy” but a tool to use and help others with; a place where business and professional growth does NOT consist of “minimum required CEs to maintain a license”; a place of sharing thoughts and knowledge; a place of team-work and cooperation; a place where clients’ needs REALLY come first!

This is what greets our clients as soon as they enter our offices.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar
We are here to help as many people as we can to get what THEY want. – JKA Properties

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Meet Our Team

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Meli Gerogianis

Managing Broker - Meli is a multi-million dollar producing Realtor with many years of Real Estate Listings, Sales & Property Management experience. Meli brings to the table a sharp business mind, great local networking connections, an extensive real estate investing background and best of all: an unlimited source of energy and enthusiasm. Even when everyone else has thrown up their hands, she manages to find a way to make things work! That positive attitude and outlook in life and business has saved the day many times as many clients will testify to.

Tiarra Taylor

Marketing Coordinator - Tiarra is a lady of many talents! She takes great photos to make sure our listings look good; she has several years of experience doing graphic designs, print illustrations, web design and much more. She is the one that puts together those beautiful booklets, brochures & flyers we use to advertise our clients’ properties. And she knows how to integrate all of these tools and skills to produce successful marketing campaigns that bring serious results!

Jason Giaffo

Virtual Assistant - Jason has been with us for many years and although he works with us mostly via phone and internet (long distance relationship) he brings in the new generations’ input & skills through his work. He is the “hidden” talent behind the scenes that takes care of our online technology: website analytics, SEO, webpage links, and so on.

Emmanuel (Mikey) Gerogianis

Realtor – Mikey brings with him his many years of military service which make him an invaluable asset when working with our military clients. His computer engineering background keeps our office technology at top levels so he is our go-to IT guy. He is always there to help anyone with anything! Whether you want a sign up or down, help with an Open House, run out last minute to show a house, follow up on a late evening maintenance call, Mikey is ALWAYS there!

Real Estate Designations:

ABR, CRS, SFR, Broker, e-PRO, CDPE, MRP, SRS (less than 3% of Realtors Nationwide hold the CRS-Certified Resident Specialist- designation)

Awards for highest volume in gross sales as a Realtor at Keller Williams:

2009 Bronze Medal; 2010 Bronze Medal; 2011 Bronze Medal; 2012 Silver Medal

Featured Realtor on the cover of The Residential Specialist

(CRS magazine) September/October 2012 issue

Featured Realtor on the Leaf Chronicle newspaper

in July 17, 2011 and again in December 18, 2012 as founder and director of CREIG (Clarksville Real Estate Investors Group).

Clarksville Real Estate Investors Group (CREIG)

JKA Properties offers Consultation Services for Purchases, Sales and/or Management Services tailored to the real estate investment community through its own members and through the many local partners & sponsors that volunteer their time to educate the public via monthly meetings or private consultations. Such subjects include many investor popular subjects such as:

“Flipping” houses buying homes that need work, rehabbing them and re-selling them for capital gain

Renting houses for profit purchasing homes and/or apartments for the purpose or renting them for cash flow and/or long-term capital gain

Many local attorneys and CPAs volunteer their time to educate our members and the public about subjects related to Real Estate Investing such as Asset protection; Business Entities and Set-ups; Tax Benefits; 1031 Exchanges; and more!

Trust the Team at JKA Properties for All Your Real Estate Needs!

From property management to home sales, JKA Properties has the experience and knowledge to help you successfully navigate today's real estate market. We are proud to provide real estate services in Clarksville, TN and beyond.

For more information about our services, our real estate agency, or local information please give us a call at 931-802-6560 or fill out a contact form.