Discount Listing Services

JKA Properties’ listing side of commissions averages about 2 – 2.5% of the listing price resulting in thousands of dollars in savings for our Sellers. How can we afford to give such a great deal to any and all of our clients? As a small and independent real estate company we don’t have huge franchise fees to pay and we keep our overhead expenses low. We are happy to pass those savings down to our clients in the form of lower fees and discounts to show our appreciation for their business and let them know that their dollars matter to us too.

Flat Fee Listing Services

Listing homes for sale on a “Menu Select” basis where seller selects only the services he/she is interested and pays a small fee upfront for the services selected on a month-to-month basis – NO Contracts! This is an easy and affordable option for sellers that have little or no equity or that are in no rush to sell but just want to test the market. There have been many nation-wide companies offering such services however none of them are locally located where the clients can also benefit from a face-to-face consultation, have a sign and/or lock box brought to their front door, have someone other than the owner take photos of the house, and depending on what services are selected – have a 24/7 showing scheduling service or an assigned agent to accompany interested buyers for the house viewings.

Ready to Sell Your Home in Clarksville, TN?

Since our beginning as a small Real Estate Brokerage company in Clarksville, TN, we have been dedicated to helping clients manage, purchase, and sell their personal properties. What sets us apart is simple: We care! From beginning to end, our team of broker, realtors, and real estate professionals are dedicated to helping you sell your home in a timely, professional manner.

For Real Estate Listings You Can Trust, Choose JKA Properties

JKA Properties has provided property management, real estate listing, and home buying services in Clarksville, TN and surrounding areas since 2013. We are proud to serve area residents and help them manage their personal properties, sell their home, or find the home of their dreams.

For more information about our listings of properties for sale, our home buying and selling services, or general questions,
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